Erotic massage Kiev

Эротический массаж КиевSo what is his strength? In a unique healing effect, healing ailments and nourishing lost energy. The most powerful erotic impulses enhance the result. Doctors of modern medicine are sure that everyone needs tactile touch as much as water. The language of touch is very rich and developed, it is understandable to the body and perceived by it, responding with a certain physical reaction.

Special technique of erotic massage

Mastering the technique of erotic massage is not difficult. To do this, you need to take essential oils, choose a scent that is ideal for both. The main thing is to understand what is especially pleasant for the one who is nearby, and to follow sensitive intuition. In time, erotic massage should not be long, fifteen minutes is enough to enjoy the sensations that such entertainment gives.

The main area of erotic massage is the back and buttocks. They do not need to be crumpled intensively, bringing some inconvenience to the partner. It is enough to press your palms tightly to the subject and walk along the spine with long smooth movements, go down to the lower back and walk along the buttocks in circular movements, stopping and looking into each hollow. Erotic massage in Kiev rolls in a wave, it pleasantly envelops, gives warmth and turns on.

There is a technique of acupressure erotic massage. You can’t master it right away, in the East girls from childhood are taught to read and write, point impact, but there are small wisdom that is subject to everyone and everything. There are special zones on the human body that can awaken sensual passion. And they are far from the genitals. If you massage the back of the head, back of the neck, shoulders before intercourse, touch them not only with your palms, but also with the tip of your tongue, run them over your partner’s fingers, palms, and feet, you will awaken a real passion that can give a lot of pleasant impressions.

There is one point in the human body that makes you moan with pleasure. It sits right in the middle of the belly line, just above the edge of the pubic bone. If you massage her woman during intercourse, the orgasm will be much stronger. The area of the abdomen from the pubis to the navel is a continuous erotic zone, you do not need to ignore this if you want a thrill.

Do not forget that the human foot is a direct projection of all internal organs, there are areas on it that are also responsible for the area of the brain that distributes the impulses of passion. Therefore, it is imperative to start an erotic massage Kiev with an intense effect on this part of the body, not only gently stroking it, but also squeezing the skin of the foot with pulsating movements, twisting it, bending and unbending it.

A surge of sexual desire is caused by touching the thumb. You can knead him not only with your hands, but also kiss him, licking his tongue, believe me, no one can resist such caresses and surrender to his partner much earlier than he thinks about it. As you can see, the technique of erotic massage is quite simple, you do not need to go to large universities in order to completely subjugate the processes of passion.